Monday, January 30, 2006

So Far So Good...

OK, if I had to wake up at 630am so I could get ready for school by 11 am and I'm in a GOOD mood?.....It must be a good thing...Of course it is....prettty soon, if I keep up at the rate i'm goin, I will have a degree and a better paying, satisfying job, one that I would smile at 630 am before going to.....(I am a grouch in the am)....I am SICK of these crap min wage jobs!!! I've had so many of them and my life has been just a great big revolving door of hell for so long....partly because I am addicted to traveling among other things...but thats for a saturday blog when I have all day to write...OK see you tommorow...wish I knew how to post the song of the day or something up here???I will learn in my web design class.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

fire on the moon

this is the new band name
Fire On The Moon
©2005 Sammy Warren

this will be UNREAL
get ready